Portrait of the daily homeless hosted by the association "115 Du Particulier"


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Under the barking, the truck arrives at the camp. The recovery of the breath for the guys in the street, tired of having walked around for days. There are also those who are going to be homeless and who are collected just in time. Or those for whom living in nature is a choice. These shipwrecked often solitary and marginalized society are found for a time in this village of caravans in Seine-et-Marne, hosted by the association “115 du Particulier”. Some will start again, others in a few days or even years. But in this uncertain period, they will live more or less together, near the woods, in this fragile community, where each individual arrives with his past and his hopes.

Rose Lecat






Country : France
Region : Seine-et-Marne

Number of photos : 30