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The SOPHOT website

Created by the Pour Que l’Esprit Vive association, the SOPHOT website is:
 a medium that increases the recognition of social documentary photography and of the power that it can have;
 a link between social documentary photographers worldwide and agencies, galleries, editors and the press, as well as social and cultural institutions, schools, training centres and universities.

The organization Pour Que l’Esprit Vive

Pour Que l’Esprit Vive association, founded in 1932 and recognised by the authorities to be of public utility, aims to:
• help the artists to fulfill their calling and to preserve their work.
• encourage awareness about societal issues and contribute to their transformation through art and culture.

The association also runs a gallery : FAIT & CAUSE (French expression meaning to fight for a cause) established in 1997. Situated in the heart of Paris, it is probably one of the first and only galleries devoted to social and environmental documentary photography.