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Our dependence on fossil energies, highlighted by the Yellow Vests movement in France and by the pandemic for all of humanity, reveals the breadth of our contradictions and challenges us to rethink our mobility. In this context, Forum Vies Mobiles, a research institute of human and social sciences on mobility, launched a photographic mission to document differences in lifestyle of the French in view of their travels. Entrusted to the photographers of Tendance Floue, whose taste for collective projects is known, this mission is now the subject of a publication.

Bringing together 18 photographic journeys, this book illuminates The Lives that we lead with its sensitive approach by following men and women of all ages and social origins, linking or traversing a plurality of territories (metropolises, small towns, peri-urban areas, landlocked villages…), by different routes (paths, roads, highways…) and various means (truck, car, public transport, two-wheelers, on foot…). These journeys also tell the way in which we organize our daily lives today to go to work, have fun, take care of children, visit relatives, get medical treatment, go shopping, through stories that resemble us.

To extend these chronicles in images, the writer Nicolas Mathieu, whose taste for the description of peri-urban France is known, engages to a personal story of his travels, from his earliest years until today.

A subjective and original picture of our mobility aimed at the general public, a true tool for reflection on an essential aspect of the future of our societies.

Editor : Le Bec en l'air
Publication year : 2022
Number of pages : 256
Language : French
ISBN 13 : 978-2-36744-16