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In his new picture series Samburuland, the photographer Mario Marino delves into the traditional world of the indigenous people of northern Kenya. The Samburus nomadic people. They have been settling in the northern part of Kenya for more than 500 years and denying their existence as farmers and ranchers. Mario Marino spends several months with them, accompanies their everyday life as well as the spiritual ceremony of a traditional wedding. As so often in Mario Marino’s work, the dignity and grace of the individual are at the center of his portraits.

The focus of Mario Marino (born 1967) is on people. He finds his motifs on his numerous trips that took him from Europe to Africa, Asia, Latin America and India between 2000 and 2020.

“For me, photography means above all to better understand the world and its protagonists. What is the story behind each individual? Taking part and condensing the personality in the portrait, immersing and merging with the situation, that’s what it mean to travel.

I try to read the lives of the people I photograph, the circumstances in which they live. I am fascinated by their cultural background and their identity”.

photographs by Mario MARINO

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