Zwei bier für Haïti, Homelesshelter in Weimar


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After the earthquake in January 2010 which left Haiti lying in ashes, Margitta was left thinking that "the rest of us are very lucky to live as we do." And with the motto "Two Beers for Haiti" she launched an appeal for donations from her neighbours. "After all what is a mere Euro?" In total 15 Euros were gathered. Not much but nevertheless… There is no future here. The past continually haunts the residents. Everyone here has a story to tell. And it is not always easy to decipher what is true or made up. The notion of truth takes on a completely different connotation here. After all who cares whether a story is made up or not? The story gets told in one way today and in another way tomorrow. And the next day is after all a new day. Who really cares what reality you create for yourself? Other rules apply here. Those rules that we are familiar with in everyday life have no weight here, in no way whatsoever. It is a life of the in-between without margins. Somewhere between empty and full, between addiction and self-determination, between releasing your sorrow or numbing these emotions, between fate and denial, between opening up or becoming a recluse, between being able to talk or not being able to listen, between rich and poor, between city and outskirts, between being integrated in society or being excluded from it; And all of this in a unique world of its own. Nevertheless what should not be underestimated is that the residents have each another. None of the residents here really do want to move out and live on their own in the city, unless of course they are young enough to start a whole new life. Many have accepted the social framework here. People take care of each another, go shopping for their sick neighbours and can at times even dream or talk together about the past.


Country : Allemagne
Place : Weimar

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