Tatiana ILINA

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These people are everywhere. It is much more of them than we think. They try not to stand out from the crowd, living a double life, hiding, and hiding. What is it for them – the tragedy of which they are silent? Is it the pain caused by the dissonance between what they see themselves and what they really are? Perhaps a passionate desire for something forbidden, concealed, that makes them feel different, to change everything at least for a few hours. The other world and this world will never meet? All these questions are not left me since, as I allowed myself to look at them closer. I have learned a lot – have their faces that read all of these questions, mixed with doubts, fears, unrestrainable emotions, and some protest. It was the protest against nature, against himself, against the silence. This protest, enclosed deep within, was expanding and it was ready to absorb everything.


Place : Moscow

Number of photos : 30