SYRIA - The Christians of Khabur

Chris HUBY

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In north-eastern Syria, on the banks of the Khabur river, 35 Christian villages were the scene of an attempted genocide by the men of the Islamic state in February 2015. Daech fanatics destroyed churches and places of worship, killed Assyrians and took 230 hostages with them. The community had to pay $30,000 per person for their release a year later.

The MFS Christian militia set out in 2013, relying only on themselves. In 2015, 2000 Assyrians, both men and women, joined the ranks of the Kurdish-majority coalition to fight the EI jihadists but also Turkey since October 2019… a century after the genocide of the Armenians and Assyrians, history repeats itself.

4 years after the massacres, the villages of Khabur are ghosts, the overwhelming majority of the faithful have chosen to flee abroad. The region has been devastated by the war, the economic crisis is formidable. What will become of the last Assyrians?

Country : Syria
Region : Nord - Est
Place : Hassaké - Qamishli - Vallée du Khabour

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