Room 261012

Isabelle PATEER

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Although numerous national debates on immigration issues have been raised in Belgium over the last years, no clear governmental policies and regulations have been established. The longer the period immigrants are awaiting for decisive answers with regard to their visa, the less urgent their dossiers become to be processed and the life of the people concerned becomes dominated by waiting and uncertainty.
 The family focused on in this series are of Serbian origin and are in Belgium for 10 years now. They are still awaiting decisive answers with regard to their visa and stay with their five children in a refugee centre in Belgium. In the space of their 12 m2 room they spend most time of the day, killing time and wondering what the future will bring. They are concerned whether they will ever receive the right papers to stay in Belgium or will be obliged to leave the country and return one day.


Country : Belgique
Place : Sint Truiden

Number of photos : 20