Palestine-Unfortunately it was Paradise

Brigitte GRIGNET

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The Middle East conflict is probably one of the most studied conflicts in history. Every day we hear about the Occupied Territories but all we can get from the news is a feeling of confusion and violence. Behind the sensational images we see on television, are human faces, families, everyday lives. We can only connect to people when we hear their stories. Otherwise, reading about suicide bombings and political problems doesn’t mean so much to a lot of people. From what we read, see, it sometimes feels that the Palestinian population is an abstraction. They are 4 million lives, all of whom have their story. How is it possible to go on with life in a place that has been occupied for forty years? How can people cope with the lack of hope? Mustafa tells me: “I can not travel, then I read. I especially love Madame Bovary. If I could, I would go to Paris, but first I would go to Jerusalem.” This work wants to reflect the difficulties faced by Palestinians, their indomitable will to survive difficult situations and the continual quest to build and live within a life of dignity and grace.


Support : Action Contre La Faim
Country : Palestine
Region : Palestine
Place : Nablus

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