On the edge: From the Street / Washington DC

Garrett STRANG

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On the Edge : From the Streets Washington, DC Now more than ever in the day to day living and surviving in America there is an underlying currents or wave of subtle yet pervasive personal emotions of doubt and distrust driven by a cycle of needs, wants and discrimination in the daily fight for survival in an environment of the "have and the have nots".. In the past year I have become more and more aware of these conditions in many personal encounters I have with those around me and their stories are revealed in their subtle honest expressions Washington DC is know to many as the most powerful city in the free world. But below the surface of the capitol of the United States there is a undercurrent of life that is unknown and unseen to the many that are attracted by the capitols stately attractions and pristine beauty. Hidden from view are the everyday lives of countless people on the streets that go unnoticed and are invisible to majority of the population around them that are consumed by politics, control, greed, and success. Recently, in the time span of just the past year, tensions have risen, and have revealed a much deeper sense of uncertainty, discrimination, racial tensions, and distrust. Although there are public services that try to provide some help, all to often they are shunned by those they are set up to help I like to pay attention to the pulse and the flow of life within and around me. Through my recent series of black and white photographs I wanted to capture a close -up candid glimpse of individual lives through the blink of the Sutter, intimate expressions of current aspects of the human emotion and condition from the edge of Life in the Streets of Washington DC, America’s Capitol.  "on the edge: from the streets" .  Washington, DC. Garrett Strang .


Country : États-Unis
Place : Washington D.C.

Number of photos : 50