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«This is a war, brother! Only God knows how it will end. I tried to pass three times. They always catch me. They hitted me and took me back to the border. Now I need some weeks to relax, then, I’ll find some money and try again…». Lampedusa or Melilla, the story is the same. In Sicily clandestins coming from Maghreb arrived among tourists: two opposite realities able to exist in a 20 Km2 island without crossing each other. Clandestins are banked up in a center where basic human rights are optional. In spanis enclave of Melilla, the clandestins arrived from black Africa. They travel on foot across the savane and the desert, they hide temselves for years in the moroccan woods, waiting for the good moment to ”climb over the barricade”. Hounde by spanish soldiers, they receive any kind of violence, many of them don’t survive. So they go back to Mauritania to find a way to join Canaries islands, the new ”access door” for Europe. «I’m too young, I cannot stay here, nobody want to stay with me, because I’m a child’ […] it’s too bad to stay here; I cannot sleep in the night […] I pray you: let me leave from here as soon as possible. Thank you».


Support : Lampedusa and Melilla
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