Indian Railways


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This is the result of a 4 day (in total) trip traveling with Indian Railways. I traveled from Delhi to Jaipur, Jaipur to Agra and finally from Agra to the picturesque Varanasi. I also made the same pattern backwards. I made this trip on third class just to have the opportunity to photograph the real tinge of it, to feel the train and its passengers deep inside, to smell it. Indian trains are a unique case. They stop every 2 minutes and a trip that should last normally 10 hours, lasts 2 days.. There are very long delays, weird accidents and extremely interesting travelers. Stowaways are a very common situation and also a reason for many of the delays happen during the journey. Yes is a journey. And what a journey!


Country : Inde
Place : Uttar Pradesh

Number of photos : 21