Angeles D1. Dance against emargination

Federico TOVOLI

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In the rich area of the Chorrilos neighbourhood, in the extreme south of the “Cicuito de Playas” (Beach Circuit) in Lima, you can find the special dance school called Ángeles D1. Its specialty does not only deal with different kinds of music, such as hip-hop and zapatero boliviano, classical and flamenco, but it also lies in the fact that the students come from the extremely poor surroundings of the capital. Everything began years ago, when the professional dancer Vania Masias saw a potential artistic source in some young guys that were performing acrobatics at the traffic lights begging for some coins. Thanks to this school some of them are now professional hip-hop dancers, teach dance classes to the youngest students of the same school and make performances in the schools of the urban outskirts. Thanks to the dance school, they are now an example of social rescue and they are able to show other young people that you can always do something good for you and for the other, in order not to be overwhelmed by the abasement of the outskirts, which mostly lead to drug dealing, delinquency and to kid gangs.


Country : Pérou
Place : LIma

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