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“Almost a century ago, my great-grandmother, Maggie May Jones, left Oklahoma for Boise, Idaho with her husband and children, in a trailer that contained most of their belongings. With a head full of dreams. Three generations later, I was born. The memories of summers spent with my grandfather in Idaho are the strongest memories of my childhood. The rodeo and cowboys, the drive-ins, the descent of the river on inner tubes, the smell and sound of guns, and the drunk family… Idaho is similar to many American states: the capital Boise, with its beautiful university and mixed population, hosts only 12% of the population. In the rest of the region, a set of small rural towns, where in some churches, the American flag proudly flies next to the cross…” This is the setting for the personal photographic history of this great American photographer, who works in time, in black and white, in a cinematographic atmosphere.

Anne Rearick was born in the United States in 1960. She is part of the great tradition of humanist documentary photographers such as Dorothea Lange or Diane Arbus. She works long-term, plunging into the daily lives of her subjects as far as they allow. The beauty of her images accords with black and white silver printing, and the large and square 6 x 6 format of her Hasselblad camera allows her to reproduce the finest details: the output of skin or the background of a landscape…

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