Nicolas LO CALZO

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Since 2010, with his work “Cham”, Nicola lo Calzo has set his sights on african disporas and post-colonial history. Between 2015 and 2016, he made research on the Afro-Cuban patrimony, such as the “Regla de Ocha” and the “Regla abakua” which refer to secretes societies and polytheist beliefs coming from Africa. The pictures presented in this book result from an immersion in marginal spaces, formely coined as clandestine but now tolerated. These spaces of Liberty, based on values such as solidarity, the sacred, the memory, the importance of the individual and the freedom of speech, are the direct heirs of these forms of culture and resistance developped by Africans, enslaved or freed, during the spanish colonial era.

Editor : éditions ANDRE FRERE
Publication year : 2017