BOVO Marie

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This monograph captures the full breadth of Marie Bovo’s work. The French photographer captures physical spaces at dusk occupied by diverse communities, in search for their traces that suggest human presences while they are absent from the image. Based in Marseille, the photographer focuses on different places of the Mediterranean basin and African coasts: inside courts, a kebab restaurant or a Romani camp in Marseille, empty apartments in Algier or open-air kitchens in Ghana. “It’s not so much the architecturethat interests me,” Bovo says, “but how it isused and lived in. ”Her photographs reveal what is hidden, what lasts in the silence.

Bovo’s long exposures in natural light with her large-format camera captures the most little details. Time and movement are the components with which she constructs her images and invites the viewer to examine every component. Objects disappear from one image to the other, light fades in nearly surreal tints, the photograph becomes pictorial. This permanent oscillation between past and present suggests many stories to come.

Editor : Éditions Xavier Barral
Publication year : 2020
Number of pages : 159
Language : French
ISBN 13 : 978-2365112550