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This project presents 42 black and white portraits of men and women, which have miscegenation as their visual guiding principle. These photographs and these stories are the result of a work started several years ago.

”My editorial line was photographing personalities from the domain of literature, journalism, entertainment, film and television, but also from of business, fashion and sports, who managed to concretize their professional aspirations or achieved their dreams! Those who are examples for today and for generations to come.” – Alexis Duclos

Far from being a series of portraits, Métis is a book inciting to meet. Each photograph illustrates, in its own way, the absurdity of borders and the richness of differences. Each portrait testifies about a contemporary society with multiple cultures. Here, the black and white sublimates a future where the human being is no longer defined by race.

Publication year : 2019
Number of pages : 120
Language : French