Corentin FOHLEN

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In the village of Morne-à-Cabri, 20 km far from Port-au-Prince, Lumane Casimir is the name of a rehousing operation carried out after the 2010 earthquake which left homeless hundreds of thousands of Haitians. However, the project conducted in a desert area away from any infrastructure contains errors: construction delays, sloppy construction site whose dilapidation began even before the project was completed, salty tap water, problematic electricity, small but expensive housing, using funds from suspicious sources, corruption, failure of the development project…

Lumane Casimir which was supposed to serve as an example reproduced, finally, the problems of Haiti on a small scale, in front of which the residents manage to reinvent their daily life.

“There was a need of the eye of Corentin Fohlen, a wise photographer, and above all of this sensitive intelligence to restore the subtlety of a face-to-face or even a mutual avoidance acting here for more than two centuries.” Yanick Lahens

Editor : LE BEC EN L'AIR
Publication year : 2018
Number of pages : 128
Language : French
ISBN 13 : 978-2367441290