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1978: Iran rises against the dictatorship of the Shah. Within a year, the regime vacillates and makes way for the Islamic Republic after the return of Ayatollah Khomeyni from exile. Reza and Manoocher Deghati, brothers and photojournalists who grew up in Iran of the 1950’s, reveal their exclusive archives of this time for this book. Relentlessly documenting riots, violent repressions, but also hopes of a rapidly changing Iranian society , they became the privileged witnesses. Forty years after the revolution, their work gives a face to the Iranian people bruised by a theocracy which has not kept the promise of a long-awaited peace. Starting from 1978, Reza and Manoocher Deghati have been covering the beginnings and the years of the Islamic revolution followed by the hostage-taking at the American Embassy in Tehran. Their images were widely used in the international press at that time: Newsweek, Times, Life or else Paris Match. This unique experience will forge for both of them their personal commitment and their work as photojournalists.

Editor : Hoëbeke
Publication year : 2019
Number of pages : 288
Language : French
ISBN 13 : 978-2842307301