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« Night photography involves long exposure times, and one of the effects of a long exposure is that, along with light, time becomes part of the equation. » Marie Bovo

It is often at dusk that Marie Bovo feels the urge to make time stand still. And not only because of the extremely long exposure time that her chosen technique (large-format, film, natural light) demands, but also so she can watch the slow passage of time unfold in intermediate spaces that are inhabited, despite being empty of people. The Nocturnes exhibition at the Fondation HCB includes an unprecedented selection of images taken by Marie Bovo at twilight, in Marseille and Africa.

This approach to time, illustrated by both photography and film, is based on a quiet, thoughtful observation, the politeness of her gaze, the appropriation of an imagined inner self perceived from the outside. Marie Bovo moves comfortably from photography to the moving image and her photographs, systematically presented in series to emphasize the passage of time, are always on the threshold of film-making. In these highly controlled visual images, one does not at first detect the humanism that underlies them.

It is commonplace for Marie Bovo to work on the threshold of intimacy, without being intrusive, in people’s homes or at night. It is her way of thwarting the camera’s aggressive tendencies and going discreetly with the flow of people’s lives.

The exhibition at the Fondation HCB presents 35 large format prints from 5 different series, as well as 2 films.

photographs by Marie BOVO

From 25/02/2020 to 23/08/2020
79 rue des Archives
75003 PARIS

Opening hours : From Tuesday to Sunday from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m.
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