L’UNE ET L’AUTRE (ME AND THE OTHER ME), a search for identity


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To coincide with International Women’s Day and the photography festival ‘Le Mois de la Photo’, every two years the Fait & Cause Gallery presents the work of female victims of exclusion, residents of ‘Cœur de femmes’, one of the residential centers of the organization Aurore (an NGO providing social aid and support in France). It is thanks to the support of Olympus, who provide the cameras, and the cooperation of photographers Sarah Moon and José Chidlovsky, who direct the event at the ‘Coeur des femmes’ centre, that the work of these women can be achieved.

The collection of work is in the form of photographic accounts, under the title of ‘Log Book’, with each piece exposing the journey of an individual – Adele, Bahia, Blandine, Gaby, Marie, Natasha, Sahla and many more. The works reveal the wounded identity of these women who, thanks to this experience, are able to find a language in which they can express their doubts and their hopes, as well as their daily experience of changing situations and their attempt to rebuild their lives. It is thus that, for these women, photography does not represent a means of didactic expression, with artistic or informed references, but instead an expression of themselves, consistently unique, original and unprecedented.

Eugene Smith said, “photography is a small voice, at best, but sometimes… one photograph or a group of them can lure our senses into awareness”. It is thus that we can say, when looking at these photos, that it is this very voice, expressed through these photographic accounts, which calls for attentiveness, respect and emotion. Without this small voice the pain, along with the joys, the work and the friendships in these women’s lives, would remain anonymous.


100 Voix ! Is an association founded in January 2012 on the initiative of the association Aurore.
Its aim is to allow people on the fringe of society, cared for by Aurore, to rebuild themselves and to regain possession of their own identities by relating their experience by visual means, whether photographic or video. Catering to those within Aurore, Cent Voix ! is dedicated to men and women living on the edge of society, whether it be due to psychological problems, poor health or poverty.

100 Voix ! : Precarity and exclusion related by those at the centre of the problem.
Reconstruction and repossession of one’s self image is essential when it comes to helping society’s outcasts to regain confidence and to find their place in society once again. For this reason, Cent Voix ! brings photography and video workshops, run by professionals, to those living on the edge of society.

photographs by Exposition collective

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