LES GORGAN (1995-2015)

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Since 1995, Mathieu Pernot has been following and photographing the Gorgan, a Roma family he met while studying in Arles. He gradually entered their intimacy and undertook documentary work. The exhibition marks the culmination of this work retracing 20 years of the family’s history and thus testifies to the complexity of Gypsy culture through a story for several voices. Taken by Mathieu Pernot or the Gorgan themselves, these photographs form a whole without any hierarchy or distinction between their authors.

Series presented: Les Gorgan, 1995-2015 / Photomatons, 1995-1997 / Les hurleurs, 2001-2004 / Le feu, 2013


photographs by Mathieu PERNOT

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Vernissage : samedi 29 septembre à 19h
From 22/09/2018 to 14/11/2018
Scène nationale - 20 allée Nathan Katz

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