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The Kontakt series is a visual discovery of the summer camp organized around the military theme by the Hungarian NGO ”School of Defense”. Children aged 10 to 18 learn there discipline, patriotism and use of Airsoft handguns, a recreational version of real guns, while experiencing the challenges of survival in the wild. Bartha spent a year and a half with them, which led him, over time, to ask himself about our attitude towards violence, war and their place in our society, about our principles and about the limits of our tolerance. The exhibition tells the story of a community from both a personal and a distant point of view. The ambivalence of the possible interpretation of each image helps us to explore the complexity of a seemingly contradictory set of notions around a delicate subject. – Flóra Meszáros

photographs by Máté BARTHA

From 01/07/2019 to 22/09/2019
Ground Control, 3 Rue Jean Gorodiche
13200 ARLES

Opening hours : Every day from 10am to 7.30pm
Phone : +33 (0)4 90 96 76 06