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The Humanitarian Visa d’Or

In 2011, the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), in partnership with Perpignan International Festival of Photojournalism, Visa pour l’Image, created the Humanitarian Visa d’Or Award.
Endowed with 8000 Euro, this distinction is awarded to professional photographers working in zones of armed conflict.
If a picture is worth a thousand words, the pictures selected by the jury of the ICRC illustrate war from the perspective of its principal and tragic consequence: its victims. As for the thousand words, they would be on the subject of rights, or rather the abuse of those rights, as most of the photos depict innocent victims.

The work of the nine laureates to date reminds us that those who do not fight any more – injured or captured fighters – and those who do not fight at all – civilians – are protected by International Humanitarian Treaties based mainly on the 1949 Geneva Conventions.
These treaties have been signed by 196 States who commit to abide by them and to ensure that they are respected by others.

In « Looking at War, looking at its Victims », Catalina Martin-Chico, Mani Y. Benchelah, Sebastiano Tomada, William Daniels, Diana Z. Alhindawi, Juan Arredondo, Angela Ponce-Romero, Véronique de Viguerie and Abdulmonam Eassa deliver their point of view, often shocking but always strongly coloured with humanity and indignation.
As a sign of the times, more and more photojournalists cover violent conflict in their own countries, thus making them witnesses as much as victims. It is the case for a third of the laureates of the Humanitarian Visa d’Or.

Three themes have been proposed to candidates since 2011:

– the respect of aid missions in war zones (2011-2014),
– women in war (2015-2017),
– the fate of civilians in zones of urban warfare (2018-2019).

« Looking at War, looking at its Victims » presents an overview of the works selected over the past 9 years amongst the 300 entries received by the jury.



photographs by 9 photojournalists laureates of the CICR Humanitarian Visa d’Or

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