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« Villa 15 » – more known under the name of « Ciudad Oculta » (City Occults) – is the consequence of unemployment growing caused by the political and social crisis which strikes Argentina. It owes its name with the wall which surrounds it, set up to hide poverty: what is not seen does not exist. An old hospital given up before the end of its construction became the symbol of « Ciudad Oculta ». It shelters a small emergency treatment room. With its neighborhoods, the poorest huts – residences sheltering to ten people – multiply. Many families live, between the debris, without protection none against the danger or the bad weather, trying to take care of the education of their children.
Unfortunately, they generally fail vis-a-vis the delinquency, the traffic and the consumption of drugs. Mow to be letf for accounts of a society which marginalises them, they devote their forces to the creation of educational centers and Community restaurants. They receive occasionally from the assistance of international organizations.
The workshop « Contraluz » is one of the activities of the nursery « Buena Voluntad » directed by Cielo Chaile. It gathers fourteen young people resulting from « Villa 15 », who work and express themselves through photography. Small philosophers and poets, who affirm and sign, with the light, their convictions, their dreams, their opinions and their talent. Dolores dE Torres

photographs by Analía Fernández, Jennifer Aquino, Yamila Silvera, María Fasce, Paola Benitez, Silvia Monte, Yesika Rodríguez, Flavia Romina Acuña, Pamela Gómez, Jessica et Yamir Chaile

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