Yezidi funeral


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It would be unthinkable in “so called” normal live to go in someone’s live. Where the family is grieving over the dead by a loved one and spend long moment photographing them, it simply wouldn’t be done… They realise they the victim of some kinds of injustice. And by allowing me there they making there one appeal to the outside world and to everyone sense of right and wrong I try my best to approach people with respect, I want them to see that I have respect for them in the situation there are in. I don’t like to move to fast, to speak to loudly, I want to be very open in my approach, I want to feel open in my one hart towards them, I want them to be aware of that. People do sense it, with a very few words, sometimes with no words at all…(quote Nachtwey James)


Soutien : Kurdish Institute of Brussels
Pays : Arménie
Lieu : Yerevan

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