Un passé sous silence (Scars of Cambodia)


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April 17th, 2015 will stand out on the 40 years with the capture of Phnom Penh by the Khmer Rouges followed by more than 3 years of violence. The Cambodia still carries the tracks of this genocide and reconstructs itself on the unspoken of a traumatized generation. A country of silence. That’s my resemblance with one of his lost sisters that started my encounter with Tut, then mutual curiosity, and the return of the memory. From this tiny link, has born a relationship of trust, built over more than 3 years, which drove him to tell me the undergone tortures he suffered when he was a teenager, that was till now buried inside him. Because of the language barrier, our communication developed in silence, through the language of the body. The mimes got involved on a daily basis, the past violence could re-appear through every object. A cut flower, an amputation; a bagged fruit, the breathlessness. Tut went as far as re-enactment, staging himself to testify of what he lived. In a daily ritual (trough the “light painting” technique), I photographed in parallel a teenager of the same age as Tut at this time, with a body blank of any violence, in front of Tut’sn marked by torture and time. This body of work shares an intimate encounter and draws up a sensory portrait of the buried memory, the way it shows through gestures, attitudes and glances, the way it marks someone for life and constitutes a person.


Pays : Cambodge
Lieu : Kampot

Nombre de photos : 26