Sudden rain in the street


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A heavy rainfall in summer always brings a lot of enjoyment for the people. In summer there are intense heat and hot winds. The scorching sun mars the efficiency of the people. They get tired very soon and like to stay indoors especially during midday. If such is the situation, a dark cloud or a shower of rain is always welcome. Bangladesh is a country of six seasons. But now-a-days due to climate change our seasons are losing its individualism. And because of this we can hardly identify all the six seasons. Summer, Rainy and Winter are the mostly visible three seasons at present. Among these three due to excessive population and climate change we are experiencing intense heat and heavy rainfall. Though rainfall is mandatory for our agricultural work but heavy rainfall causes several barriers for us. Because of climate change Bangladesh experiences heavy rains, especially over the highlands. Though rain stops after a certain time but life remains paused due to different type of problems all over the country. Water logging, disrupted connection in road network, flood, flash flood, riverbank erosion and several other problems occurred for huge water pressure in different districts. Water logging problem is severe especially in Dhaka city. Rain fed water hits coastal districts and villages. The hilly districts remain disconnected due to heavy rain. People are dying because of strong thunder in rain. Sudden rain brings lots of obstacles in day-to-day life. the most sufferers are the day labourers, garment workers. It hampers their daily earnings from their workplace. A Sudden rain in summer is really full of joy. It brings a welcome relief from the hot summer days and soothing effect on us. It tends us to come out from our houses and start a rain dance in that rain water. The weather become cool and pleasant But it does not last for long. The clouds break up and the sun begins to shine even more brightly. And then again comes miserable situation the same intense heat, the same uneasiness, the same dryness. But nothing can be done. Nature is changeable and we have to face its various moods.


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