Simplicity syndrome

Tatiana ILINA

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During the time of working on the project I have been to many families which experienced sorrow that filled their lives with new sense. The mothers of the children who were born with the particular syndrome are carrying their own sentence. The sentence helps tham not only to realize unusual things but also to discover the things that are not seen and had been hidden for a long time. I spent practically all my time with different families in Moscow and Saint-Petersburg. I also lived in the country Svetlana that was organized for people with limited abilities. All the necessary things were created for children could study, develop and live full and valuable life. They baked bread, took care of the animals, built a house, created and comunicated much. During all the time I worked on the movie I loved those people and their world – so deep, beautiful, different, sensible, open and sincere at the same time.


Pays : Russie

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