Tatiana ILINA

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The reenactors are the people who live in other world and dream of being transferred far away into the past. Every day they wait for the moment when they appear in their own reality created by them and organized in accurate details. They work at every item of their image with extraordinary love – they make clothes themselves according to all fashion details of the period that interests them. They make the household items themselves – dishes, furniture, house decorations and different accessories. They make it all by their own hands and at the moment when everything is finished comes the long-waited moment of transfiguration – it’s a really happy moment of new reality. The place of meeting is chose beforehand and is prepared carefully and filled with everything that transfers the event participants to another world – sheep skins, haystacks, wooden carts, canvasses where they spend nights and hot days. This time the meeting took place near Pskov in summer. There were people from different parts of Russia, many of them had hires a big bus from Saint-Petersburg loaded by ancient things to the top. One of the participants, a middle-aged man told me: “It is a kind of escape from reality, and you don’t always want to think of this. We seem to live another life escaping from the real one”.


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