Nutritional Home Katmandu

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Over 50% of Nepal’s children are severely malnourished. The country has been in an 11 year civil war and on the brink of bankruptcy. Children are brought to this nutritional home in the countries capital, Katmandu, by bus, car, and plane from remote villages throughout Nepal. It is required that one parent stay with the child while they are nursed back to health, which generally takes eight to twelve weeks. There is only one home like this in the entire country, although another is being built. Hospitals refuse to take in starving children because they need the beds for more immediate injuries, leaving the home over crowded, and often times having to turn down patience due to the small 20 bed facility. The home is supported by private donations through an American based organization, and because of those donations, the children who stay here are granted a new lease on life, far away from their villages, far away from the war, secure behind the gates of the compound.


Pays : Népal, Népal
Région : Katmandu
Lieu : Katmandu

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