Lea et Sudkiya, ensemble - Lea and Sudkiya, together


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Leah Mosenson a 31 year-old Israeli woman, Layla to her friends, has been living with Sudkiya Awad for the past two years.  Sudkiya is a Palestinian mother of 15 children whose home is in Budrus, a Hamas village on the West Bank. The separation barrier crosses the Awad family’s olive groves; they lost all of their land. Layla and other Israeli volunteers have organised  »work-shops for peace » about bio-intensive agriculture and Palestinian cooking. They collect funds from the work-shop participants to help the Awad family survive.  The Israeli volunteers respect local traditions; they ensure they are dressed modestly and hold separate work-shops for men and women. In 2006, Layla was jailed for 2 months, the first person to be given a prison sentence for committing violence during protests against the Israeli separation barrier.


Pays : Palestine
Lieu : Budrus Hamas Village

Nombre de photos : 20