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This series is the result of years of work began in the late ’90s, in several Roma camps scattered around Italy, then continued following a group of them in a journey around Bosnia, and it goes on until today on the trail of what their lifestyle is. From Mostar to Sarajevo, Gypsies live in the outskirts of cities in villages made up by shacks. But they are always on the move. Their life in Bosnia is not different from the reality that they reproduce in the countries where they move. Perceived as strangers, they have always existed in isolated groups on the margins of developing European Communities. This reportage wants to reveal the essence of this ethnic group and is profoundly inspired by its human experiences that break with the conventions of a stationary life in favor of the open road, seeking simplicity in daily life and following old-rooted traditions. The photos want to tell real and raw the Gypsies lifestyle, beyond the stereotypes, with an intimate look into a world very few known from the inside.


Pays : Bosnie-Herzégovine, Italie

Nombre de photos : 40