Blind photographers

Tatiana ILINA

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In New York where there are so much light, movement and everything surprising and extraordinary, impressing by its beauty and energy, everything that you would like to see and make photo of, especially when you are a talented and creative person. Sometimes it seems impossible, it’s a dream and you need too much for it! But we have our eyes and eyesight, it may seem little, but it’s much, so much that you cannot either imagine or transfer if you don’t feel it yourself.To loose the ability to see doesn’t mean to loose the wish to see, create and share all the beauty with the world. But how to save this wish and to develop it in complete darkness that grows day after day?Only the photo-artists who live this way and can answer this question. They saved so much light in their souls that they can see lighter and stronger things than many painters who have the ability to see


Pays : États-Unis
Lieu : New York

Nombre de photos : 36