Alexandra Gheto


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This is Alexandra ghetto, 2 kilometers away from Johannesburg city center. Is the biggest and deadliest black ghetto in Africa. As poverty here is at highest rate, people lives in tin houses, drinking polluted water and stealing electricity from the state. Crime rate is extremely high as 4 human beings get killed every day, usually for insignificant reasons. As Johannesburg growing up day by day in a way that is becoming similar to Beverly Hills, the same time Alexandra sinks into poverty and dirt, making sure that its future is uncertain. Nobody seems to have any interest of the situation there, even those black guys that gave enormous fights during the apartheid era. Infant and children mortality gets higher and higher, when 2 kilometers away in Johannesburg center, a pair can spend 500 euro having a classy dinner in the lobby of a 7 star hotel. Despite all these, people there are happy with what they got and they try daily to make their life better. Always with a smile.


Pays : Afrique du Sud
Lieu : Johannesburg

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