Le visage humain du Covid-19 à New York

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Voici un hommage visuel rendu aux héros et aux victimes (et souvent les deux à la fois) de la guerre contre le Covid-19. Ce journal de bord constitué d’images et de récits couvre une période de trois mois dans la ville de New York et témoigne de la solidarité entre tous les hommes et les femmes du monde face à cette crise.
C’est un récit qui nous appartient, à tous.



The Human Face of Covid-19 – New York City

Here is a visual tribute to the humanity of the heroes and victims, often one and the same, who have been at the New York City epicenter of the war against the Covid-19 invisible enemy over the past two months. As a documentary photographer, over the past forty years I have covered so many major news stories of geopolitical importance, including most wars and conflicts. I have been a nomad over those four decades, rarely spending more than two or three weeks in one place, then, in March, I found myself in New York City when the Covid-19 lockdown was imposed, and I was unable to travel. On the first day of lockdown, I did what was most natural to me: I went out into the city with my camera. I was stunned and shaken by what I saw. I realized that this was the first time I was going to witness a war on an invisible enemy “at home.” It became clear that this was going to impact every single person, that every person had a story. I immediately began a daily New York lockdown visual diary.



Photographies Peter TURNLEY

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