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Soon after emergence from communist rule, Slovakia gained its own statehood and went through demanding political, economic and legal transitions. Now a member of the European Union, the women and girls of the Slovakian middle and lower social classes face the challenge of defining their role in a changing society. Something old is dying and the future has not yet formed its face. Meanwhile, they are lost in a communist past or family traditions and facing a globalized world. "I am fascinated by pride that arises at unexpected moments: those seconds where pride is vanishing or, on the contrary, is desired. I was searching for the ambiguity of pride in banal stories in different environments: the public, the social and the private. Though mostly static images, I think these photographs portray how these women and girls are also full of excitement, tension, internal expression and pride as they search for what is yet to come."


Soutien : WorldPressPhoto - Joop Swart Masterclass
Pays : Slovaquie

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