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Photo-story, shooted in village Svetlana, Leningrad region. This story about life of people with mental disabilities, living in the autonomous community. Imagine the landscape. On both sides of Syas river flowing to the northwest and fall into Europe’s largest lake Ladoga, placed small villages. In one of them only 4 houses, farm, garden, greenhouse and a sauna. Half of the 35-40 inhabitants – people with mental disabilities or in need of a special approach. If you want to stroll through the village, they can come and ask – "Where are you from?". They may also ask about your family. You’ll be surprised how soon they will know a lot about you, but … if you want to know them, you must cross the bridge and see landscape of Something else. I want to get away from ordinary representation of the disabled people, from divide of life into normal and abnormal. Life, whatever it may be, is a value. Look in at this as a landscape – simple and easy view – considering the beauty. There are many ways to make a person – "Other", different from yourself. With regard to disability is the easiest way – perceive people as victims. Another way, which is often used by journalists – representation of persons with disabilities as heroes; heroism of all: get education, participation in sports, career, family life and other things – think as normal for the "ordinary" people. In fact, there is nothing heroic; person is making great efforts to live fully as possible – all people in this aspiration – similar. Behind the myth of "hero" – notion that disability is obliged to be a tragedy. And if you dare to live a normal life with disabilities, then perhaps it’s only an exception, a consequence of the incredible heroism. But this, again, – a myth.


Pays : Russie
Lieu : Village Svetlana

Nombre de photos : 50