Last love

Yaroslava TARASOVA

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A family of two elderly people is not something that is associated with a crazy reckless love, but it is a possibility not to be alone, something which gives meaning to one’s life. An escape from loneliness is what matters for these couples more than just romantic feelings. Main reasons to get married for the second time at the age over 50 is to have an opportunity to communicate, to take care of each other and to help with the housework as well as to improve the living conditions. It goes without saying that love between these people truly exists, but this is a type of love without any expectations such as to have children, without any long-term plans. Such kind of relations is not traditional in Russia, and very often they are judged by society and even their relatives and the children from their former families. Sometimes this judgement is what stops old people to have a new family, despite sociologists’ saying that relations between couples (transgender partnership) cannot be substituted by the relations with friends at all life stages.


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