Je est une autre

Sabrina MARIEZ

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I have spent a lot of time with the parisian transgender and transvestite community to find inspiration and new models for my pictures. One evening, I met Coralie. Short-skirted Coralie was a transvestite with a singular grace and troubling feminity. I was watching her from some distance, then I asked her to model for me. She was not in the process of transition between male to female yet. She was not very confident but I managed to spark some interest. She needed recognition as a woman. She said : « Suffering often comes from the other people’s looks. To turn a blind eye seems to be the only appropriate way to move forward. » She finally accepted to model for me at the start of the transition process. During the shooting, I wanted to capture the birth of womanhood.


Pays : France
Lieu : Paris

Nombre de photos : 9