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Madé is 92 years old. Trauma, suffering, sadness and nostalgia have crossed his life. And still accompany him. However, untouched by the disease, she continues to move forward with a light step, driven by a prevailing wind of curiosity.  Of course, she gets tired faster, but she has lost none of her drive, enthusiasm or laughter. Travelling, English, Italian, Qi Qong classes, renovating her home, geneology, choral singing, Internet, concert evenings, theatres or cinema, etc… Without forgetting girlfriends. Widows, for the most part. Like her. Breaking with the painful images of tragic ageing, her reality borrows nothing from fiction or fantasy, but from her vitality.
Through this portrait of my mother, inspired by some of the visual codes of “feel good” advertising images, I would like to shed some light on this invisible age, with its often abused narcissism: “I’m too ugly to wear this”, “it’s not my age anymore”, “you’ve seen what I look like”, etc… So many widespread allegations. True or false certainties but which dominate, largely maintained by the prejudices of ageism.
Without heroism, without heroism, without anti-age activism, Madé contradicts them every day. Together we even dreamt that they were abolished.


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