The history of Roma and Sinti in France has often been a dark one, interspersed with genocide, poverty, and persecution. Today, they remain proud of their culture, way of life and community values, despite the prejudices. These photographs were mostly taken in 2017 and 2018 in a Romani neighbourhood known as ‘Polygon’ in Strasbourg where 170 families lived, six months before they were evicted and their homes destroyed. The city authorities condemned the neighbourhood where these Roma had lived for the past 70 years as unsafe and razed their houses to the ground, without any consideration for the strong attachment these people had for their home, their memories and their lifestyle.

This series of photographs pays tribute to the dignity of these people. The specific values of the community are unveiled: a respect for elders, life in the open air, and the limitless love with which parents lavish their children. In the background of these portraits, one can also glimpse social and economic issues that this community must contend with: outright discrimination, the precarious social position of women, and difficulties relating to housing.

Nom du média : ZEKE Magazine (Canada)
Date de parution : 20/04/2019

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